What is Our Plan?

To accomplish anything in politics, you need either money or people.  The more you have of one, the less you need of the other.  Right now, there are some parties in the US with lots of money and power.  Our grassroots organization doesn’t have much of either.  We are not going to ask for money.  Instead we are looking for massive numbers of people to join our groups on facebook and the web.

Between now and February 2018, we are hoping to establish a very large group of people, friendly to Ranked Choice Voting, who want to see it brought to Colorado.  We will be writing our Citizen Initiative.  We will be pushing it through the various required stages of governmental process, committee meetings, title boards, and hope to have it signed off by the Secretary of State.

Then, once the initiative has been approved, we are going to have a maximum of six months to collect a large number of signatures.  We will send out a message on our Facebook page as well as to everyone signed up on this site notifying them of places and times where our signature collectors will be positioned.  This will make it very simple for anyone who supports our cause to find us, and help us get this onto the 2018 ballot.  Remember, only those signed up here and on the Facebook page (RCVforColorado on a Facebook search) will receive that notification.